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FAQs About Self-run Business

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  • Last updated:2023-06-09
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QWhat flavors does the Prison have for the handmade egg rolls and cookies?


The handmade egg rolls have seven flavors, including “original”, “sesame”, “seaweed”, “coffee”, “lemon”, “brown sugar”, and “pork floss” flavors. Or you can choose the “mixed flavor” (selecting three flavors from the above). The handmade cookies have seven flavors, including “almond chips”, “pumpkin seed chips”, “chocolate and almond”, “macadamia”, “parmesan cheese”, “mixed nuts”, and “traditional walnut cookies”. As for the giftbox, we have: pineapple cake giftbox (12 pieces), sour pineapple cake giftbox (10 pieces), and exquisite giftbox (one pack of egg rolls and six packs of cookies).



QHow can I buy these?


Fax the order (the form can be downloaded from our website) to us. The person in charge will call you back for confirmation and the order is officially instituted.

Order Line - Fax: (06) 2783072, Phone: (06) 2781812, (06) 2781178



QHow can I collect the product and make payment?


After the order is confirmed by the person in charge, the purchaser may choose “pay on delivery”, “pick-up” or “ATM transfer” (after the person in charge confirms the money is received, the shipment will be scheduled).

  • SWIFT CODE: Bank of Taiwan 004, Account No.: 009001200698, Account Name: Account of Self-run Business of Tainan Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice After the transfer is made, copy the transfer receipt and fax it to (06) 2783072. The shipment will be scheduled after confirmation.
  • Delivery Fee:
    Unit/Capacity Egg Roll (big) Egg Roll (small) Handmade Cookie Exquisite Giftbox

    Pineapple Cake

    Sore Pineapple Cake

    Delivery Fee: NT$140

    22 Packs

    36 Packs 60 Packs 9 Boxes 10 Boxes
    Delivery Fee: NT$85

    5 Packs

    10 Packs 16 Packs Not Applicable Not Applicable


 (Taiwan Island Only)

※ Address for the delivery, phone number, recipient, flavor, and quantity shall be stated on the remittance.

※ When the order amount is over NT$15,000 (inclusive), the delivery fee within Taiwan island will be free.

※ The above delivery fee calculation is for reference only. The actual delivery fee depends on the order quantity.

  1. Pay On Pick-up (Cash):
  • Please fax the order first. After your order is confirmed by designated personnel, the order is established and we will notify you of the pick-up date. You can pick up the product at the Operation Section in the Prison on the pick-up date and pay the amount on the receipt.
  • Pick-up Site: NO. 1,Mingde Village,  Guiren District, Tainan city 71150 (pay on pick up at the Operation Section in the Administration Building of Tainan Prison)
  • Pick-up Time: Monday to Friday (no pick-up on Saturday and Sunday); Intraday Pick-up15:00-17:00; Pick-up On the Next Day 8:30-12:00 or 13:30-17:00.


  1. Pay on Delivery (no payment needed first):
  • The home delivery company will help collect the order amount and the delivery fee. [Pay on delivery is only applicable when the order amount exceeds NT$500].



QWhat is the labor for inmates in the Prison like (asked by the inmate’s family)?


  1. The purpose of the labor in Prison is to train survival the skills of inmates, cultivate them to become diligent, and refine their temperament. The labor time is about 6-8 hours daily.
  2. All inmates must participate in the labor work except for conditions otherwise regulated by the law or if the inmate suffers from a disease, or for the security of guards and control or edification and education. After the labor work is assigned, no intermediate transfer is allowed except for the need of discipline or security.
  3. The labor work the Prison contracts to process includes paper bag processing, loose-leaf notebook processing, corrugated board processing, toothpick processing, packaging processing for cosmetics, pin processing, automobile parts processing, screw processing, helmet processing and lining processing.



QIs there any vocational training program in the Prison? What’s the purpose of a vocational training program? Who qualifies for a vocational training program?


  1. To let the inmates gain diverse survival skills after their return to society, the Prison has a handmade egg roll class, handmade soap class, floral design and traditional craft-making class, and lacquering class, for inmates to get used to social life and be on their own.
  2. Qualifications

 (1) An inmate who has no non-compliance record within a year or if the inmate’s offense was of a minor nature and the penalty was waived with discretion and the inmate has no pending case.

 (2) An inmate who is non-physical and mental illness.

 (3) An inmate who can apply for a parole or whose sentence will be fully served within 5 years after the program is complete.

 (4) An inmate who is selected as qualified by the Prison.


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