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Goods Delivery Notice for the Reception Room of the Tainan Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice

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  • Last updated:2023-06-09
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1. This notice is established according to Article 70 of Prison Act and Article 83 of Enforcement Rules of the Prison serving ACT. 
2. To prevent the concealment and mixing of prohibited items that endanger the health of the inmates and offend the discipline of the Prison, the foods and necessities given to the inmates are subject to the following limitations: 
(1) Money: The amount is limited to NT$8,000 at a time.
(2) Food:
1. Food given to the inmates shall be inspected and shall not exceed 2kg each time.
2. Given food that may endanger the health of the inmates, are concealed with prohibited items, or offend the discipline of the Prison shall not be permitted to enter. For example, food containing alcohol or that is uncooked.
3. Food given to the inmates that “cannot be inspected” or “may be rotten or inedible after inspection” are not permitted: 
(1). Tea. 
(2). Crystal or powdery foods (such as salt, sugar, and milk powder), liquid diet and frozen foods. 
(3). Unsliced fish, meat, or strip shape rhizomes, but those that are diced, cut, sliced, or chopped are permitted. 
(4). Unshelled seafood or nuts, but those are permitted after shelling by the giver. 
(5). Unopened canned foods, but those in transparent plastic bags without any juice and are opened by the giver are permitted. 
(6). Other foods objectively identified as foods that cannot be inspected or may be rotten or inedible after inspection. 
4. Fruit that is cut or peeled is permitted. 
5. The original shape or flavor of the food may be damaged during the process of inspection. However, the food is permitted for delivery once the family members or the giver agree to the food inspection and delivery after being informed about the inspection method and possible results by the employee of the organization.

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