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Sexual Harassment Prevention

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  • Last updated:2024-06-19
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Written Policy for the Prohibition of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace of Tainan Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice

I. Our Policy

The Prison implements appropriate prevention measures, corrective, and punishment measures to protect equal rights to work for all genders, eliminate sexual discrimination, prevent incidents of sexual harassment, protect the employee’s work rights, and provide a workplace free from sexual harassment. We established an investigation group to handle the complaints of sexual harassment in the Prison. In addition, we established a designated phone line, fax, and email for the complaints.

 (I) Office in Charge: Personnel Office of the Prison

 (II) Designated Phone Line: (06)2781917

 (III) Fax: (06)2780093

 (IV) Email: tnpp@mail.moj.gov.tw

II.Definition of Sexual Harassment

So-called sexual harassment refers to the following situations:

 (I) Circumstances in which during the execution of duties, someone shows a sexual demand or gives a word or performs a behavior that implies sex or is sexually discriminated against and in return causes an employee to feel hostility, threatened, or offended in the workplace, or that becomes an infringement on or interference with the employee's dignity of human personality, personal liberty, or affecting the employee’s work performance.

 (II) Between the superior and the subordinate or among the employees or against the job seeker during the hiring process, the circumstances in which someone shows explicit or implicit sexual demand, gives a word or performs behavior that implies sex or is sexually discriminated and use this as a condition for an employment contract or its renewal or change, or for a person to be appointed, distributed, assigned, paid, evaluated, promoted, downgraded, awarded, or punished.

III. Handling of Sexual Harassment

The Prison has open procedures for handling sexual harassment events that the employee encounters in the workplace. Meanwhile, the employee does not have to worry about being retaliated against. If anyone thinks that he/she is suffering from sexual harassment by any behavior, word, or object, he/she shall:

    *  Tell the other party how he/she feels and what kind of behavior or object might make him/her feel uncomfortable.

    *  If communication cannot be performed with the “violator”, or the “violator” does not stop his/her behavior, report to the supervisor and ask the supervisor to handle the event.

    *  If the victim does not feel like talking to the supervisor about what he/she encounters, file a complaint with the investigation group responsible for sexual harassment complaints in the Prison. The group is established under the Personnel Office of the Prison. It will handle the complaint cases at any time pursuant to the “Guidelines on the Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint, and Punishment of Sexual Harassment of the Ministry of Justice and the Affiliate Agencies”.


The complaint and information with respect to sexual harassment provided by the employee will be classified as “confidential” and dealt with seriously. Investigation and appropriate handling will be performed right away. If the event of sexual harassment is found to actually exist, the violator will be punished appropriately.


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