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The White Paper on Services for the Public

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Prisons carry the burden of traditional thoughts and images and are often linked to the idea of “darkness”. It is still hard for modern prisons to change the stereotype of the public. In addition to taking passive measures to prevent accidents, modern prisons try to enlighten the inmates to change to become a better citizen and blend int society again. The Prison has excellent leaders, and all employees are involved in the affairs of looking after the inmates with the principles of thoughtfulness, patience, and love. The Prison hires experts and volunteers to help counsel the inmates and help them become a new person. The Prison spares no efforts to provide “service” for the inmates’ family members, communities, and the society. With the spirit of providing convenient, considerate, and quality services, we never cease to innovate for change, upgrade the facility, beautify the environment, and care about community. We will strive our utmost to protect the publics’ rights and provide the best service as long as the execution is within the law. We sincerely hope we can continue to have your support and encouragement.

2.Basic Service Principles
Handling Matters With Discretion: Whether the service case for the public is significant or not, we will value it equally and handle it prudently. We will be positive and think in the position of the person involved. This way, the difficulty he/she encounters can be solved successfully.
Handling Matters Professionally: We strictly ask the personnel in charge to be familiar with relative systems and regulations and apply them maturely. This way, they can answer the question of the person involved immediately. Moreover, they can offer services in no time so that the person involved can acquire the correct answer with satisfaction in the shortest amount of time.
Mutual Communication: We serve the public with a sincere attitude and follow the laws and regulations strictly. Lawful requests of the person involved shall be handled with sincerity, and unlawful requests shall be rejected politely and the reason for the rejection shall be explained.
Being Sympathetic: We recognize the feelings of the people involved. For their questions and statements, we will make explanations with patience. We will try our best to listen to the unfair feelings they have in the mind. When encountering persons involved who misunderstand the law, we will explain more politely and patiently.

3. Services Provided by the Sections and Offices
Guard and Control Section 戒護科
Establishment of Interactive Relationship With Inmates’ Families: In order to prevent security incidents from happening, the Section communicates with inmates directly and encourages them to have positive interaction with their family. These help encourage stable family support for them.
One-stop Window: In order to improve the visit service between the inmates and their family members, we offer a one-stop window to provide the most convenient and fastest service for the public.
Integration of Punishment and Education and Change For the Better: All disciplines executed on the inmates shall be in compliance with the laws. We uphold the principles of being liberal on life but strict on discipline to counsel the inmates and encourage them to change to become a better person and blend into society.

The White Paper on Services for the Public
I. Edification and Education Section 教化科
a. Provision of Social Resources: The counselors and social workers will come to the Prison to provide religious counseling and guidance. In addition, deeper individual counseling will be offered, in the hopes that we can transform the understanding and behavior of the inmate. We invite social organizations to help us perform edificatory and educational events.
b. Educational Event: The Prison offers complete education programs, including the programs in the secondary school and high school department and the bachelor program in management of the National Open University and Chang Jung Christian University. They give the inmates an opportunity for further study so that their education will not be interrupted and they get to fulfill the idea of lifelong learning.
c. Art & Cultural and Family Day Events: Lantern class, calligraphy class, painting class, book club, writing class, choir, and other art and cultural class are established. We regularly invite the inmates’ family members to participate in all kinds of events such as the family support event and family day event. In addition, we hold face to face visit events and telephone visits for the inmates and their family members on the three major holidays (Spring Festival, Mother’s Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival).
d. Guidance From Professionals: The inmate may feel lonely due to the long time spent in the prison. They may also feel anxious about being released from prison. To avoid that, we continue to hire psychologists, social workers, and other professionals. The professionals will talk to the inmates who come from high-risk families, have child care needs or acquire less support from their families. In addition, the professionals will talk to inmates who are elderly or have a disability and find suitable social resources to help the inmates. We hope this can promote positive support from the inmate’s family and foster benign interaction between them. This way, the inmate can feel at ease about serving time in prison.
e. We combine the resources from after care associations, healthcare resources, labor resources, and social resources to establish a program, “Love without Obstacles”, for social resource inquiry.
We establish a “social resource inquiry desk” in the Reception Room and answer questions regarding all kinds of social resources brought up by the inmate’s family members from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. every Thursday afternoon.

Sanitation and Health Section 衛生科
The three main jobs of the Sanitation and Heath Section are health administration, medical treatment, and health care. The Sanitation and Heath Section is responsible for medical related administrative affairs. For example, it takes care of the inmates’ guarded hospitalization affairs and medical treatment on bail, and withholds medical treatment fees. In order to improve the medical service quality in the Prison, we cooperate with medical institutes and hire specialized physicians and government sponsored physicians. The Prison and the medical institutions we cooperate with provide medical services including the treatment of general internal medicine, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, mental health, dentistry, and otolaryngology. In addition to medical treatments for general diseases, the Prison provides regular health examinations, vaccinations, disease screening, and health education services for the inmates.

Investigation Section 調查科
I. The Section assists universities and graduate schools to hold interviews about correction study, perform questionnaire survey, and collect information.
II. The Section helps the inmate to take photos and print them out for applying for credentials.
III. The Section looks into the child care status of the inmate who has children under the age of 12. Based on the inmate’s requirement and willingness, the Section refers the inmate to the social worker of the Prison to evaluate whether the “E-care Report” should be performed. If the E-care Report is performed, the social worker from the Bureau of Social Affairs in the city/county where the inmate lives will issue an official document to require an official business visit. During the visit, the social worker will assess whether the inmate needs to apply for low income household support or emergency aid. The social worker will arrange child placement when necessary to help solve the family and child care problems.
IV. For the inmate who is mentally disabled, elder, weak, physically disabled, or has difficulty in initiating movement and thus is not able to go home by himself/herself, the Section will contact the inmate’s family member for pick-up or make arrangements to escort the inmate home.
V. For the released inmate who has no place to stay and is willing to accept placement service, the Section will contact the Tainan Branch, Taiwan After Care Association, for assistance in placement assessment.
VI. Before the inmate is released, the Section will help the inmate fill in the employment referral form based on his/her requirement and will. The Section will issue official documents to the branch of the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor. After the inmate is released, they will start working on the case and help the inmate find a job.

Operation Section 
I. The Section provides vocational training classes which meet the social requirements and can pass down traditional craftsmanship. These will train the inmates for their surviving skills and give them an idea that they should take social responsibility. This way, the inmates can make a contribution with the favor they have taken from the society back to the society.
II. The Section holds visit events for the suppliers to see the work environment in the Prison and take media interviews from time to time.
III. The Section collects feedback from the suppliers regularly or from time to time, and simplifies the procedures of all kind of applications.
General Affair Section 
A. Be Neighborly: The Section makes proper use of the people who are serving community service and open prison inmates to serve the community near the Prison. For example, we clean streets and schools and adopt parks. Personnel are appointed to check the environment around the old Tainan Prison monthly to keep the environment clean and maintain the appearance of the city.
B. The Section offers remote interrogation for judicial organs.
C. The Section arranges lawyer visits and government agency visits.
D. The Section provides the power of attorney certificated by the authority and in-prison (release) certificate: It helps the inmates’ family members in social welfare matters and administrative affairs.
E. Home Visit and Funeral Leave: The Section helps inmates who suffers from the loss of a family member or significant change in the family.
F. The Section conducts administration, maintenance, and procurement affairs with a positive and solid attitude.

Personnel Office 
The Office is responsible for completing the personnel system and strengthening personnel management. It is also responsible for improving the assessment, reward and punishment, and educational training affairs.

Employee Assistance Programs
The Office is responsible for promoting the Employee Assistance Program. With the diverse assistance measures, a warm and caring working environment can be established and we can thus create an organizational culture with great interaction.
The Office promotes changes in the retirement system. It carries out the retirement care measures and encourages retired civil servants and teachers to engage in public services.
The Office improves the civil servants’ English ability and encourages the employee to study English. It creates an environment that encourages the civil servants to foster their lifelong learning.
Statistics Office 
Releases statistical information regularly.
Responsible for updating the Prison’s website.
Responsible for the maintenance and promotion of the information system.
Responsible for the maintenance of information security of the Prison.

Accounting Office The Accounting Office distributes pubic resources in the Prison from a bigger picture. It boosts use efficiency of resources and improves the performance of the government’s financial business. Moreover, it helps the decision-making process.

Civil Service Ethics Office 
The Office establishes a clean organization that is corruption-free, efficient, and provides convenient services for the public.
The Office is responsible for discovering governance flaws. The found flaws will be used as examples for the reference for the governance of the Prison.
The Office exercises strict measures to prevent corruption and any possible malpractice.
The Office is responsible for handling reports and investigation of corruption and illegal incidents.
The Office is responsible for returning the property given to the employee as a gift by citizens. It conducts related procedures according to the regulations.


We gather public opinions and review services currently provided to improve service quality: We conduct public opinion survey, analyze the results, improve service flaws, and accept suggestions of all kinds from the public through letters, emails, and phone calls.

Standardized Operations, Simplified Procedures, and Better Administrative Efficiency: We comply with the laws for every operation. We operate transparently and consistently. In addition, we simplify the operation procedures and provide services with depth and width.

We provide services in a polite manner, create a friendly environment, and establish a service-oriented image: For the convenience for the inmate's family members during the visit, the Prison has a parking lot for cars/scooters, volunteer reception counter, resting area for family members, and a nursery room. We provide courtesy glasses, pens, and paper for use. To beautify the environment, we have wall paintings, calligraphy paintings, paper sculptures, and flower decorations. To create a barrier free environment, we have established a wheel chair ramp, and parking spaces and restrooms for people with disabilities.

We refer to the operations in companies and learn from other organizations handling similar business: We invite scholars and experts to delivery speeches in the Prison. Moreover, we introduce new ideas and outstanding methods: We learn from other correctional institutions, copy excellent measures, and eliminate their flaws to simplify the operation and hold all kinds of keynote speeches and strategic training with topics of gender mainstreaming, sexual harassment prevention, and environmental education. In addition, we have multimedia teaching materials to make the training rich in content. To create an English environment, we widely promote related training measures and help the employees register for tests to improve their English ability.

We cultivate information talents and use computer technology to provide online application and inquiry services. This way, the administrative procedures can be simplified. We appoint employees to attend computer and information classes held by the Information Department of the Ministry of Justice. The classes include advanced Word document editing class, Excel class, PowerPoint class, Access class, PC configuration set up and maintenance class, and data recovery class. With the knowledge learned from the above classes, we can cultivate IT talents and simplify administrative procedures.

We integrate social resources and invite groups, scholars, experts, or related personnel to jointly participate in governance. They assist implementation of all tasks as well: We invite religious groups into the Prison for religious counseling. The honorary counsels and volunteers will provide guidance for inmates. Moreover, we establish the Committee of Classification Guidance, Committee of Edification and Education, Committee of Prison Labor Guidance, and Committee of Sanitation and Health Guidance. We invite scholars and experts to be the committee members to provide opinions and help the implementation of all tasks in the Prison.

Your opinions and suggestions for our services are precious and will be the reference for our improvement.
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