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FAQs for Released Prisoners

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  • Last updated:2024-06-19
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QIs there employment dissemination during the period when the inmate is serving the time?


Yes. The Prison invites personnel from the Employment Center of Yunlin, Chayi, Tainan Areas, and the Tainan Branch, Taiwan After Care Association to disseminate employment every month. We especially disseminate employment for inmates who are about to be released. Some of them have been away from the freedom and society too long so that it is necessary for them to understand the social development, the trend of the employment market, and the required technique to find a job. These will help the inmates when they are released and try to find a job.



Q How can the inmate seek employment assistance service after release?


  1. The released prisoner can go to the Employment Center or the After Care Association and its branches to seek employment assistance service. The Employment Center has employment assistance service stations established in individual towns. The released prisoner can go there to seek for help or go online to the “TaiwanJobs” website to acquire employment information.
  2. The released prisoner may call or write to the Prison for help. After the Prison receives the request, we will send referral documents to the After-Care Association and ask it for help.
  3. The released prisoner shall only engage in proper and legal jobs. Do not take illegal jobs for money. It’s not worth engaging in these jobs.



QDoes the prison provide employment referral service for the inmate to acquire a job successfully after release?



  1. The prison downloads the latest employment information from the Internet for the inmates every month. We also perform investigation on every inmate before the release to find out if he/she is willing to accept employment assistance service. We list the inmates with the requirement on a book for management (for continuing to follow up and guide the released inmate before he/she finds a job). We will refer the inmate to the Employment Center and the After-Care Association at the location where he/she lives.
  2. After the skill training program is complete, we will invite the professionals from the Tainan Branch, Taiwan After Care Association and Employment Center to the Prison for a speech and to talk about affairs related to start-up loans.



QHow can the released prisoner participate in vocational training?


The released prisoner may visit the “TaiwanJobs” website or go to the Vocational Training Bureau for inquiry of the classes and dates of the vocational training program. Having a skill will be very helpful in finding a job. To encourage the released prisoner to participate in the vocational training program, the government has established a subsidy program. It is worth it for the released prisoner to understand the program.



QHow can the inmate apply for the child care program while he/she is in the prison?


The inmate can file the application when entering the Prison. Personnel from the Investigation Section of the Prison will give the form to the inmate. The inmate shall write down the matter that needs assistance and case information in detail. The personnel of the Investigation Section will fax and send out the document to the Department (Bureau) of Social Affairs in the county (city) where the inmate’s household is registered as soon as possible to ask for the help. The personnel of the Department (Bureau) of Social Affairs will schedule a home visit to look into the situation and give the Prison a reply. The personnel of the Prison will then forward related information to the inmate.



QIf the inmate does not have the money to travel back home after the release, will the Prison help him/her?


The personnel of the Investigation Section will look into the situation of the inmate first under the condition that the inmate does not have the money to travel back home after release. If the physical condition of the inmate is normal but he/she does not have the money to travel back home, the Prison will help the inmate apply for allowance for transportation and food from the After-Care Association. If the inmate has a physical disability, the Prison will contact his/her family for a pick-up. If the inmate is weak and has no place to stay, the Prison will contact the After-Care Association or social affairs units to help place the inmate. Otherwise, he/she might have to live on the street after release.



QIf the life of the inmate’s family is turned upside down due to the inmate’s lock-down, how can the family seek help?


The inmate can report the situation by himself/herself. Personnel of the Investigation Section will refer the case to the Department (Bureau) of Social Affairs at the county (city) where the inmate’s household is. Evaluation will be made to see if necessary assistance is required. The inmate’s family may also seek help from the Department (Bureau) of Social Affairs voluntarily.



QIf the inmate wants to start up a business after the release, what help can he/she acquire?


The inmate can apply for the “micro start-up loan” from the branches of the After-Care Association. The inmate may also apply for the released prisoner loan “Amrita” from the After-Care Association. Its contact number is 0800-788595. (It sounds like “please help me and save me” in Chinese.)



QIf the inmate suffers from financial distress after release and cannot pay the overdue national insurance fees, what can the inmate do?


The inmate may apply for the “National Health Insurance Relief Loan” from the Bureau of National Health Insurance.
Contact Number: 02-27023680.

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