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Mingde Branch of Rehabilitation Institution

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  • Last updated:2024-06-19
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     Mingde Branch of Rehabilitation Institution of Tainan Prison, the first public drug rehabilitation institution in Taiwan, is at Mingde Minimum-Security Prison, Yu-feng

Vil, Shanshang District, Tainan city. It has Skill Training Classroom, Buddhist hall, church, Assembly hall, Reception Room, etc. The rooms for inmates are all little hut with red-tile roof types of architectural design, and surrounded by mountains, away from the hustle of the city, as an excellent centre for detoxification. Currently there are 1 case manager, 18 controllers, 1 counsel, and 1 superintendent. All administrative operations are under the command and supervision of Tainan Prison.

The subject for the rehabilitation institution is narcotic convicts who are sentenced for imprisonment with a prison term under 7 years, and the maximum capacity is 240 prisoners. The goal of teaching is to enable drug addiction recipients to have individual treatment and removal of psychological dependence and desire on drug addiction. The three-stage of drug treatment including mental reconstruction, professional learning, and follow-up counseling after release from prison is unique to the department. In Taiwan, we are the first to cooperate with Fo Guang Shan Compassion Foundation, the Christian Rehabilitation Fellowship, the Taiwan After-Care Association Tainan branch, professional psychologist and social workers in providing spiritual counseling, and “Plan of Scientific Evidence-based Treatment Model For Drug Abusers” seven aspects courses, all walks of life connections, arts training, short-term skills training and other diverse courses and activities. Additionally, we also set up unique night-time small group counseling, individual adoption-guidance service by volunteers, follow-up after discharged and community care, etc. Via the aforementioned policies, our drug rehabilitation institution changes inmates’ traditional ideas and thoughts, rendering them understand harm and dangers of drugs that impact themselves and their families, further assisting them to make up mind to quit drug addiction and ultimately get rid of their addiction.

     “Take drugs for one day, detoxify for life”, drug addiction treatment is a long hard journey to go. Based on the existing drug treatment model and experiences, we combine various social resources to counsel and to strengthen the knowledge of value of drug recipients, helping establish a correct outlook of life and enhance confidence in drug rehabilitation, continue to follow up counseling and care after release from prison, and to provide positive support to enable them to be brave enough to face environmental temptations and challenges of the future and to achieve lifelong detoxification.


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