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General Affairs Section

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  • Last updated:2023-06-09
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Job Description of the General Affairs Section The job description of the General Affairs Section includes the general business every government agency has, such as cashier and public document processing. In addition, for the need to manage inmates, there are jobs such as main food and non-staple food management for the inmates, object storage and other special business. Living facilities and the diet for inmates are the basic human rights. The Section will continue to make good use of the limited budget for the most beneficial results to protect the inmates’ dignity. The job of the Section includes: 1. Procurement. 2. Cashier business. 3. Construction and maintenance of the building. 4. Entering and release of inmates. 5. Management of inmates’ Prison terms. 6. Management of inmates’ household registration. 7. Management of inmates’ main food and non-staple food. 8. Management of inmates’ objects and money. 9. Public document processing. 10. File management. 11. Property management. 12. Other business that does not belong to other sections.

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