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Sanitation and Heath Section

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The Sanitation and Heath Section is located in the medical center providing medical services. The prison focuses a lot on the health of the prisoners. Therefore, the Sanitation and Heath Section has professional medical personnel and we cooperate with hospitals with national health insurance to introduce advanced medical services and medical devices. Moreover, we establish specialized divisions and provide check-ups. The division includes: General Medicine Division, General Surgery Division, Urology Division, Orthopedic Surgery Division, Otolaryngology Division, Dermatology Division, and Mental Health Division. The divisions provide high quality medical services.

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The first floor of the Medical Center has three main areas: the examination area, administration area, and patient ward area. The examination area provides relative medical services, including physician treatment, drug dispensing from pharmacists, medical care service from nurses, and examination and analysis from medical technologists. New poster stands are set up in the nearby area to provide healthcare information. The administration area is the designated area where the medical personnel handle health administration affairs. The patient ward area provides a space for patients with more severe conditions to recover. Each patient ward is equipped with a 24/7 caretaker and complete medical devices. Physicians and nurses will check the patient’s condition regularly.

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When the clinic can no longer provide services or in emergency conditions, we will refer the prisoners to a hospital we cooperate with to perform further medical treatment. Furthermore, based on the healthcare concept of early detection and treatment, we arrange government sponsored physicians for the prisoners to be sent to the prison for a check-up. The check-up includes a general physiology examination. In addition to environment cleaning and sterilization, we arrange STD screening, X-ray inspection, and other examinations. These will help stop infectious diseases, keep the prisoner healthy, and establish the concept of self-management of health.
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