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Investigation Section

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The purpose of classifying investigation work is to widely collect the information of the inmate who has just been sent to the prison. The methods include investigation and testing. Initial corrective treatments will be suggested and planned based on the results for the reference for the discipline unit. By reviewing and modifying the corrective treatment, the corrective treatment will become more complete and its function can be exercised. The follow-up investigation about life and work status after the prisoner is released can assist the released prisoners to live on their own and blend into society. It can prevent the released prisoners from committing crimes again to maintain public security.
(I) Classification of the Investigation Work
Holding prison-entering workshops, implementing direct investigations and indirect investigations, performing psychological tests, and creating digital image files. Analysis and suggestions will be made based on the information acquired in the investigation, and the corrective treatment for individual inmates will be planned. When the inmate is about to be released, a review and release transition workshop will be performed and held before the release. The after-care service will be provided based on the inmate’s needs and will.

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(II) Cooperating With the Tainan Association, Taiwan After Care Association to Hold Caring Events
We cooperate with the Tainan Branch, Taiwan After Care Association, Tainan Employment Center, Yunlin, Chayi, Tainan Regional Branch, Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, and personnel from the Legal Aid Foundation to promote after care service, employment information, and vocational training and legal aid for the inmates every month. We hold employment promotion workshops throughout the entire prison regularly to cultivate the inmates’ correct job-searching concept and prepare the inmates to return to the workplace. We refer the inmate who is about to be released and interested in finding a job to the local Employment Center. This will help the inmate to find a job and return to the workplace successfully.

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(III) Making Good Use of Social Resources to Provide After-care Services for Inmates
1. Direct After-care: Helping the released prisoner who has no place to stay or providing a temporary place for him/her. Providing vocational and skill training, psychological counseling.
2. Indirect After-care: Helping released prisoners in education, employment, home care, and emergency aid. Cooperating with the Department of Social Welfare on the matter of child placement.
3. Temporal After-care: Subsidizing traveling fees, tickets, board and lodging expenses, and medical expenses. Sending the released prisoner home or to other places. Helping the released prisoner in household registration and borrowing a small loan to start up a business.
4. Contact Form of the Family Support Service Project for the Referral for Released prisoners: If the inmate has participated in the family support service project in the prison, and him/her and his/her family are willing to be referred by the counsel of the educational block, the Investigation Section will arrange after-care volunteers and professional social workers for them. They will then come to the Prison to perform individual transitional counseling and intake service assessment.
5. Transitional Counseling for the Drug Abuse Inmates to be Released: Cooperating with the Drug Abuse Prevention Center of the Public Health Bureau, Tainan City Government, the Bureau of Labor Affairs, Tainan City Government, and the Bureau of Social Affairs, Tainan City Government. Performing individual transitional counseling and intake assessment for the drug abuse inmates to be released. Providing information for applying for immediate emergency aid and the documents to be prepared. Performing employment resources and requirement assessment.
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