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I. Skill Training:
To train the inmates for their survival skills and cultivate their hard-working character for them to become used to social life after their release, the Prison holds all kinds of vocational and skill training classes. The inmate can acquire the third-class certificate issued by the Ministry of Labor after the participation. In addition, we have baking work, woodworking, printing, sewing, and farm work for the inmates to learn professional skills.

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II. Contracted Processing:
The Prison has 21 operation shops. Currently, we have more than 10 companies that cooperate with us for contracted processing. The companies include an electronic company, paper product company, hardware company, cleaning company, helmet inner lining company, plastic placemat company, accessory company, and screw company. We arrange the inmates to do the processing work (producing paper bags and other handmade art crafts) to ensure that they can be employed immediately when they are released from the Prison.

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III. Self-administered Out-ot-prison Labor:
The purpose of the self-administered out-of-prison labor strategy is to assist the prisoner to return to society. It strengthens their ability to do a job and provides an economic base for them. The earlier out-of-prison labor gives inmates the ability to support themselves and provide family support for them. It is a meaningful corrective strategy representing the inmate’s return to society.
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